Software & Services

Here are some links to useful services and software downloads, all free.

Anti-virus software with free updates.

ZoneAlarm - firewall with free updates.

Get Firefox

Firefox - award winning web browser.

Get Thunderbird

Thunderbird - email client software.

OpenOffice - office suite compatible with Microsoft Office.
Skype - software for making phone calls via your computer. Skype to Skype calls are free.

Adobe Reader - view and print Adobe Acrobat files.

Irfanview - view, print and convert images in a variety of formats.


USENET software for access to Internet newsgroups.


Internet chat software compatible with AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and IRC.


FTP software for uploading files into your web space.


File compression/decompression software that supports many formats including zip, gzip, tar, rar, lha etc.


Web page editing software.

Spybot and


Spyware detection and removal.


Unit conversion software with a huge range of units divided into temperature, pressure, volume, area etc.

Fax to email (UK)

Fax to email service. Faxes (to an 0870 number) are received as email attachments.

Fax to email (US)

Fax to email service with a geographic number in Seattle, US. Can also be used as a voicemail number (voicemails are converted to audio email attachments).


Send files up to 100 megabytes in size to anyone with an email address, regardless of any attachment size limitations with your or their email provider.

SnipURL - service for creating shorter versions of long website addresses.
Set up a free account and you can also modify or delete them.